Stavropol plant of polymer Stabilizers

OOO "Stavropol plant of polymer Stabilizers is one of the most important Russian companies involved in the production of stabilizers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Thanks to the existing productive capacity and constantly developing technology and a large team of qualified professionals with many years of experience in the chemical industry, annual production volume . "SPPS OOO"(Limited Liability Company) reaches about 18.000 tons, including salts of lead, litharge lead, metallic stearates, PVC stabilizers and much more.

High‐quality products of the plant allowed to win the market of Russia and CIS. Heat stabilizers PVC is used in many industrial sectors, including paper, paint, leather, shoemaking, and the manufacture of rubber, various types of pipes, construction profiles and structures, cable compounds, various types of films.

Over the past decade, the company is engaged in the development of solid blowing agents for General use in the gas industry.

To date, mastered the production line of the red lead for the paint industry, in the form of orange pigment and soils, as well as for application in the field of glassmaking in the production of glass, optical glass and shielding, including radiation.

OOO "Stavropol plant of polymer Stabilizers" provides timely update equipment, increasing the volume of manufactured chemical products, uses the latest technology, is pursuing the development of various investment projects. At the same time at the enterprise, great attention is paid to quality of manufactured products, compliance with the requirements of state standards and technical conditions.

The concept of quality management "SPPS OOO"( is focused on the compliance of products to requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008.