The certificate of conformity in GOST(State Standard) R system

Certificate of compliance GOST R ISO 9001-2008 issued by OOO "Stavropol factory of polymer Stabilizers in the January 2012 in the scope of certification, including manufacture and supply of metallic stearates, salts and lead oxides, and complex stabilizers and stabilizers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This document is the confirmation of conformity of products to requirements of ISO 9001.

The EU regulation REACH

The European regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals) is mandatory for all EU document, in force since 1 June 2007, regulation of production, turnover, the assessment and management of chemical substances with mandatory registration in order to chemical safety. The official document came into force on 1 June 2008 and replaced about 40 existing legal acts and about a dozen previously applicable directives and regulations of European Union regarding hazardous substances and mixtures of them.

Adopted by the European Council and the European Parliament REACH is focused on the introduction of alternative test methods, promoting competition and innovation and to ensure higher level of protection of the surrounding world and human health.

According to the rules described in the EU regulation reach, manufacturers, importers and further users of chemicals are required to prove the absence of harmful effects of substance use on the environment and harmless to human health. Thus, the responsibility for proof of safety of manufactured chemical substances, mixtures or products in which these substances are used, is shifted from the state to the producers, manufactures or uses chemicals.

The requirements of European regulations apply to all products entering the territory of the countries of the European Union. With the exception of radioactive goods and food industry, medications and certain other types of goods, the supply of which is normalized previously issued regulations.

The REACH system has several stages of registration, one of which is a mandatory entry in the database of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). In the process of preparation to the registration of producers, users or importers when interacting with other manufacturers or suppliers of the same substance (possibly from different countries), you will gather all the information about the chemical, including risk assessment of work with him. In the process of passing checks, ECHA reserves the right to conduct additional testing for safety. At registration, each agent receives a registration number.

In accordance with the requirements of the rules of the EU regulation REACH, ECHA issued the passport about confirming the safety of the substance needs to be transferred within 45 days at the request of any consumer in the EU (whether competitors or environmental organization Greenpeace).

The EU regulation REACH aims to not only protect users, but also to ensure free trade and fair competition among producers and users of chemical.