The origins of the history of the plant takes in 1972, when the territory of the Stavropol plant chemicals and phosphors was built plant, which produces PVC stabilizers and metal stearates. Subsequently, on the basis of the plant it was formed of "phosphor", which in 1974 released its first products in the form of zinc and calcium stearate.

Since 1981, the shop are made of PVC stabilizers for export to the Baltic countries, as well as Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.

In 1999, the production capacity of "phosphor" has given rise to the formation of the now existing LLC "Stavropol plant chemicals" ( "SZSP" Ltd.), specializing in the production of PVC stabilizers.

«SZSP» LLC timely upgrades the existing mechanisms of production, increasing volumes of chemicals produced, using the latest manufacturing technologies, holds the development of various investment projects.

enterprise quality management system is focused on the conformity of products with the requirements of ISO 9001-2015.