Stavropol factory of polymer Stabilizers

is the largest steadily developing Russian company in the production of PVC stabilizers. "Szsp OOO"(Limited Liability Company) has the generative capacity to annually produce up to 18 thousand tons of products: salts of lead, litharge lead, metallic stearates, PVC stabilizers.

Currently, PVC stabilizers and lead litharge manufactured by the company are widely presented not only in Russian market but also in the CIS markets.

Heat stabilizers PVC is used for the production of pipes, cable compounds, construction of profiles and designs, plastic shoes, films and artificial leather, linoleum, paper and paint industries, in production of rubbers and other industries.

In 2007 the company developed and implemented the development of a solid blowing agents which have found application in the gas exploration industry.

Currently started implementation of a new line for the production of red lead, used in paint industry, as a soil and orange pigment.)

18000 tons per year
More than 1,000 professionals
Product quality complies with GOST
Deliveries to Russia and CIS countries

Currently, started implementation of a new production line of red lead used in paint industry, as the ground and the orange pigment.

The introduction of a new production line minium.

Currently started implementation of a new production line minium, used in glassmaking (glass, optical glass, radiation‐resistant and shielding glass), in the paint industry, as a soil and orange pigment and so on.

"Stavropol factory of polymer Stabilizers" constantly increasing production of marketable products, is actively engaged in modernization of the existing enterprises, introducing new technology products, developing new investment projects. The quality of the products meets the requirements of GOST standard, technical conditions.

The quality management system of OOO "Stavropol factory of polymer Stabilizers is certified for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2015.

The company has in its composition a sufficient number of qualified specialists with great production experience.

Constant increasing the production volumes
modernize existing production
introducing new technological products
develop new investment projects
The advantages of working with us:
  • quality;
  • mobility delivery;
  • own production facilities;
  • flexible terms of cooperation;
  • system of discounts;
  • the deferred payment for the supply of our product.