Stavropol factory of polymer Stabilizers

is the largest steadily developing Russian producer of PVC stabilizers. “SPPS” LLC production capacities allow annually produce up to 18 thousand tons of metal stearates, PVC thermostabilizers, lead salts, PVC complex stabilizers, lead oxide, etc.

PVC heat stabilizers used in production of pipes, cable, building profiles, shoe plastic, synthetic leather, linoleum, rubber; used in paper and varnish industry.

In a timely manner, Stavropol plant of polymer stabilizers updates its equipment, increases chemical products releasing, develops various investment projects. At the same time, the company pays an immense attention to the quality of releasing products, meets state standard requirements (ISO 9001-2015).

We release 18000 tons of products annually
Over 200 state high-qualified specialists
Product quality meets ISO requirements
Deliveries to Russia and CIS

Plastograph - economical rotary rheometer for mixers and extruders


Applied laboratory equipment have been purchased In order to assess the technological properties of polymer materials, as well as to develop a new line of complex stabilizers.

That makes it possible to provide effective tests on the subject of recyclability level (thermoplastics, elastomers, pigments, etc.) in conditions close to production processes, to improve raw materials and formulations, to provide detailed tests of products, to control the quality of products in parallel with production, to optimize the production process, to modify samples for further research.

We constantly increase total amount of products
We modernize current production technologies
We introduce new technological products
We develop new investment projects
The advantages of working with us:
  • quality;
  • mobility delivery;
  • own production facilities;
  • flexible terms of cooperation;
  • system of discounts;
  • the deferred payment for the supply of our product.