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PVC stabilizer mark «С», mark «С-17» CAS 1191-79-3.

Section: Metal stabilizers and lubricants CAS 557-05-1
Chemical formula: ВаСdSt4
  • PVC Thermostabilizer and lightstabilizer Auxiliary Agent
  • Linoleum and synthetic leather production auxiliary agent
  • Used in building
  • Used in injection molding
Technical requirements regulations 6-09-17-318-96
Quality indexBarium- cadmium stearate, «mark «С», PVC stabilizer»Barium- cadmium stearate, «mark «С-17»»
Barium (Ba), %, in the limits 14,5 – 16,5 9,0 – 10,5
Cadmium (Cd), %, in the limits 3,5 – 4,5 8,0 – 9,0
Water content (H2O), mass, %, max 1,5 3
Melting point, ̊С, min 120 90
Sieve residual weight ratio after sifting through scalper 0315 %, max 0,5 0,5
Form release
мелкодисперсныи порошок белого цвета, нерастворим в воде. Продукт фасуется в крафт-мешки с полиэтиленовым вкладышем по 15 кг.
craft bags with polyethylene liner 15 kg net. the lot of products delivery of reguested volume and guality is carried out by own transport, railway transport and trucking companies at customer,s own will.
white fine powder, water insoluble. Storage warranty - 3 years. The product has a sanitary and epidemiological inspection report.