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CaSt2 · H2O

PVC stabilizer «С-17», «pure»

Section: Metal stabilizers and lubricants CAS 1592-23-0
Chemical formula: CaSt2 · H2O
  • PVC Thermostabilizer Auxiliary Agent
  • Synthetic leather and linoleum auxiliary agent
  • Plastics modifying auxiliary agent (improving flow and lubrication parameters, increasing water resistance and preventing sand sintering)
  • PVC (polyolefin, polystyrene) production and modifying in different ways
  • Vitamine pills production auxiliary agents
  • Varnish industry auxiliary driers and matting agent
  • Paper production auxiliary agent (coated, glossy paper and cardboard)
  • Used as non-stick agent
  • Building industry (water repellent auxiliary agent which is a component of plaster mixes, cement)
  • Pharmaceutics and cosmetic industry (emulsifier)
Specifications : 6-09-17-316-96
Quality indicatorsCalcium stearate, mark «С-17»Calcium


Mass fraction of calcium (Ca), %, 5,8-7,0 -
Mass fraction of calcium stearate (Ca), %, not less - 98
Mass fraction of water (H2O), %, not more 4,0 4,0
Acid number, %, not more 0,5 -
Melting point, °С, in the range of 130-150 -
Electrical conductivity of aqueous extract, Cm/m, not more 0,04 -
The remainder when sifting through a sieve with mesh 0315, %,not more 0,5 -
Mass fraction of substances soluble in water, %, not more - -
Mass fraction of chlorides, %, not more - 0,05
Mass fraction of nitrate, %, not more - 0,03
Mass fraction of sulphates, %, not more - 0,01
Mass fraction of arsenic (As), %, not more - 0,0001
Mass fraction of iron (Fe), %, not more - 0,01
Form release
Crystalline free-flowing white powder. Stearates of calcium insoluble in water, soluble in mineral acids and concentrated alkalis. The product is Packed in Kraft bags with polyethylene liner 15 kg.
At client’s request product is delivered by trucking companies.
Guaranteed storage life: 3 years