Buy Dibasic lead phosphite (DLS)


Section: Metal stabilizers and lubricants
Chemical formula: 2PbO·PbHPO3·0,5H2O
  • PVC Thermostabilizer and lightstabilizer Auxiliary Agent (window profile and building details)
Specifications 2492-008-10269039-2015
Quality indicatorsDFS
Mass fraction of lead (Pb), %, not less 80
Mass fraction of water (H2O), %, not more 0,5
Mass fraction of residue when sieving through mesh 005, %, not more than 1
Form release
Fine powder from white to pink-beige. The product is Packed in Kraft bags with polyethylene liner 15 kg.
At client’s request product is delivered by trucking companies.
Guaranteed storage life: 3 years