Buy Lead (II) stearate (DOSS)

Pb(St)2 · 2PbO

Metal stabilizers and lubricants

Section: CAS 56189-09-4
Chemical formula: Pb(St)2 · 2PbO
  • PVC Thermostabilizer Auxiliary Agent
  • It has strong lubrication property in extrusion process
  • Used in casting under pressure
  • Used for transparent and semitransparent conductor insulation
  • Used in PVC calendering
Specifications 2432-010-10269039-2011
Quality indicatorsLead (II) stearate, PVC stabilizer
Mass fraction of lead (Pb), %, in the range of 49,0-52,0
Mass fraction of water (H2O), %, not more than 0,3
Acid number, %, not more than 1,0
Electrical conductivity of water extract, Cm/m, not more than 0,05
Mass fraction of iron (Fe), %, not more than 0,005
Mass fraction of residue when sieving through a sieve with mesh 005, %, not more 0,4
Form release
White fine powder. Lead (II) stearate is insoluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol, ether. The product is Packed in Kraft bags with polyethylene liner 15 kg.
At client’s request product is delivered by trucking companies.
Guaranteed storage life: 3 years

The product has sanitary-epidemiological conclusion and passport security.