Buy RITMIX 104

Chemical formula:

·       Used in plastics modifying for lubrication properties & fluidity improving

·       Used as thermal stabilizer in PVC compounds

·       Used in production & modifying of rigid PVC

·       Used in production of water, sewer, casing pipes

Form release

Appearance: white powder, total weight 15 kg/1000kg. The formulation depends on requirements of the customer. Any additions (pigments, modifiers of recyclability or impact resistance, etc.) can be carried out at the request of the customer. The product is packed either in Kraft Bags or Big Bags.


At the buyer’s request, offered products are delivered by automotive transport companies.

Guaranteed storage life: 3 years


Quality parameters

№п/п Parameters Output Info
1 Appearance Shade white powder
2 Lead mass fraction, % not less Hangs on the formulation & customer requirements
3 Water mass fraction, % no more 2