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PVC stabilizer mark«С», «clean», «for the perfumery and cosmetics industry».

Section: Metal stabilizers and lubricants CAS 557-05-1
Chemical formula: ZnSt2
  • Used as lubricant and splitting agent in order to improve thermoplastic lubricating properties
  • PVC Thermostabilizer and lightstabilizer Auxiliary Agent
  • Used in rubber industry to prevent adhesion of Unvulcanised mix consisted dry powders
  • Ensuring lubrication and fluidity when producing powder metallurgy products
  • Used in cosmetic industry (dense powder auxiliary agents)
  • Paper producing (paper smoothing)
  • Used in sanding (sliding properties improving)
  • Used in varnish industry
Specifications :TU 2432-011-10269039-2013
Quality indicatorsZinc stearate, «clean»Zinc stearate «for cosmetic industry"»Zinc stearate brand «С»
Mass fraction of zinc (Zn), %, within the range of not less than 10,0 – 11,0 10,2 – 11,0 10
Acid number (mg Koh/g), not more than - 3,0 -
Melting point, °С, not less than 115 115 110
Specific conductivity of water extract, Cm/m, not more 0,05 - 0,5
Mass fraction of water (H2O), %, not more 2 2 2
Mass fraction of residue on the sieve when sieving through the mesh 0315, %,not more 0,5 - 0,5
Mass fraction of sulphates (SO4) - - -
Alkalinity - No -
The content of chlorides, %, no more - 0,1 -
Form release
The product is a white amorphous powder, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and dilute acids. The product is Packed in Kraft bags with polyethylene liner 15 kg.
At client’s request product is delivered by trucking companies.
Guaranteed storage life: 3 years